Moe’s Southwest Grill Awards Dance Your Queso Off Winner $10,000

– John Diep from Rochester, NY named the winner of Moe’s Southwest Grill’s online video contest –

ATLANTA, GA (August 5, 2011) Today Moe’s Southwest Grill announced John Diep from Rochester, NY is the winner of the Dance Your Queso Off online video contest and will be awarded with $10,000. The winning video, The Queso Chaser, was selected by Moe’s panel of judges who chose it based on originality, video quality, dance moves and the dance off ranking.

“Thousands of Moe’s fans viewed the video entries and gave us input on their favorites,” says Brett Campbell, director of marketing for Moe’s Southwest Grill. “With so many awesome submissions, it wasn’t easy to pick a winner, but we’re excited that a talented Moe’s loyalist like John Diep is taking home the grand prize.”

From May 23 until July 24, Moe’s fans could enter the Dance Your Queso Off contest by creating a dance video no longer than 30 seconds and uploading it to The purpose was to allow those who adore Moe’s Queso to show off their happy dance for a chance to win.

During the promotional period, guests could visit to watch the video entries and pick their favorites. Videos faced-off against each other and fans voted for the best, funniest and/or most entertaining dance video.

“Many things inspired me to create my video,” says Diep. “I wanted to show how much I enjoy Moe’s and their Queso by expressing it through dance and just have fun with my submission.”

John Diep’s love for Moe’s famous Queso is a result of many faithful visits to the Moe’s located off of Jefferson Rd. in Rochester, NY.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations John Diep in Rochester NY – good theme! I did also REALLY LIKE the Georgia MOE QUESO MOE FUN. I did not see it in the views on the newsrelease. Another friend QUESO SHEDD was in there and was really great too! Are the views listed the ones that were runners up and are they also being announced?


    • Gary – the videos in the reel were not necessarily the top contenders. There were six or seven that were really close. We weren’t planning to announce the runners up, but I could send you that list if you’re interested.

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