Moe’s Southwest Grill Expands Reach Through New Retail Food Line

 Fast-Casual Favorite Unleashes New Products at BJ’s Wholesale Clubs 

ATLANTA, GA (June 1, 2011) – Moe’s Southwest Grill and BJ’s Wholesale Club have partnered to create a line of retail dips, veggies, appetizers, soups, salsas and salad dressings that will bring the Moe’s experience to consumers in a whole new way.  The partnership is Moe’s first foray into licensing and the products are now available for purchase at all 190 BJ’s Wholesale Clubs.

All Moe’s licensed products adhere to Moe’s standards for bringing high quality and healthful ingredients to every guest, every day, everywhere. Each of the 17 items features Moe’s brand personality including tongue-in-cheek humor like “PG-13” Medium Salsa and “You Guacing to Me” Chunky Guacamole. The partnership extends the Moe’s brand into a new channel of distribution and gives Moe’s fans the opportunity to ‘Feed the MOEment’ and experience Moe’s products in the comfort of their own homes.

“This is a really exciting extension of the Moe’s brand and we anticipate it will propel our brand awareness in the future,” said Paul Damico, President of Moe’s Southwest Grill. “We’re certain that the collaboration with BJ’s Wholesale Club and our licensing partners will lend our customers the same great tastes they’ve come to expect in our restaurants.”

“We are delighted to partner with Moe’s Southwest Grill because providing our members with a wide-selection of quality products while staying on top of trends in the marketplace is very important to BJ’s,” says, Jim Pereira, prepared foods and specialty cheese buyer for BJ’s Wholesale Club.  “Moe’s mission to bring quality ingredients to their guests translates strongly into their retail offering, and BJ’s is proud to be the first retailer to carry Moe’s Southwest Grill’s fresh prepared products.

All products including Moe’s White Bean Dip, Spicy Guacamole Hummus and Five Layer Dip, to name a few, are priced under $10.


22 Responses

  1. Great move…we love Moe’s ..and BJ’s…but would really appreciate vegetarian items at BJ/Moe’s !

  2. I have been eating at the Moe’s in Mobile, AL on Schillinger Rd for years. I may go there 1 or 2 times a year since I live in Mississippi. The size of burrito has gone down and the prices keep going up. Today the girl was afraid to put any pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, etc. on the burrito. And there was no hot salsa, all of it was mild. I do not believe I will eat at another Moe’s with this cheap quality for the price.

    • I hate to hear that! I will pass your feedback along to the owners in Mobile and I’m confident they will address the issue. Our customer service rep will be in touch to be sure you are taken care of!

  3. No Queso? When I saw the display in my local BJ’s store I ran over in anticipation of enjoying your Queso at home since there is not a Moe’s located near my home. I was disapointed that it was not one of the items available. I did purchase some awsome Guac but still not the same as that warm melted queso cheese. Please make Queso available at BJ’s for us who are location disabled and can not eat at Moe’s as oftern as we would like.

    And thanks for the products you have supplied…they may tide me over till I am able to make another trip to hear…”Welcome To Moe’s!”

  4. I have fallen in love with the white bean dip and hav gone back twice to my local BJ’s and they do not have it in stock, only the black bean. Have you discontinued the white or is it just my BJ’s ???

    • I was having the same problem, I couldn’t find the white bean dip after going to 2 different BJ’s. I asked a manager and she said it was discontinued! PLEASE bring it back, it was the best dip I’ve ever had!

      • We also have been big buyers of the white bean dip and are devastated that it isn’t available at BJs anymore. Please bring it back or make it available for web/mail order. Thank you!

      • Ursula – thx for the feedback! I will definitely pass that along!!

      • I also love the bean dip and am partial to the Black Bean dip.
        I was also told byy BJ’s in Oneonta, NY that it has been discontinued.

        Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nearest Moes to me is 1 1/2 hours away in Albany, NT
        Thank you
        Cooperstown, NY

  5. bjs closed by us. financial problems. hope it doesnt spread to moes

  6. My wife and I are very excited about the Moe’s products at BJs. We’re just waiting for some coupons to be available to purchase them! We’re always looking for a great deal.

  7. I’m looking forward to checking these out. I also wish BJs and Moe’s had more vegetarian selections!

  8. We have recently found that bj’s carries chicken shredded tacos that with an ingredient list that looks to be gluten free. As a largefamily with Celiac Disease and limited options I was just hoping to verify that I am correct in thinking these are safe for us to try. I have heard that they are delicious and would love to put some simple things in the fridge for my teens to make after school. Thank you for your time, Charlotte

  9. Is the Moe’s Chili with Beans at BJs gluten free?

  10. We were very sad when we went to BJs the last time and the black bean dip was discountinued. It was one of the more nutrional snacks that I’ve found. Please bring it back.

  11. We were really hooked on Moe’s salsa – BJ’s has discontinued & is bringing in single serve salsa cups … bummer cause we were eating it by the pint. Are there any other retail options; including the Moe’s stores ???

  12. Went to BJ’s today to stock up on Moe’s Chipotle Ranch salad dressing and it is no longer in stock??!!!! Made the trip just for that. Has it been removed from BJs stock for good….or is this temporary?……will there be more? I was very disappointed….it was just last year that they held a huge tasting party and the Chipotle Ranch was part of it….that’s where i got hooked. The stuff goes on EVERYTHING!….tacos, burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, salad….I could go on and on. Please tell me that it will be in stock soon!

  13. I was very disappointed to learn that BJ’s is no longer stocking Moe’s Southwestern seasoned Fajita Vegetables. I just found this wonderful frozen mix and now I can no longer get it!!! Has the partnership with BJ’s split?

  14. I LOVE that Chipotle Ranch dressing too! Went 2 times to BJs and no longer in stock here in Massachusetts. Where can I get some???????????

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