Moe’s Announces Winners of the Dead Ringer Contest

ATLANTA, Ga. (May 13, 2010) After receiving over 42,000 votes, Moe’s has identified the contestants that best resemble dead musicians and will take home $1,000 cash and free Moe’s burritos for a year. Fourteen of the sixteen winners will be flown to Atlanta for a photo shoot with the hopes of becoming the face of Moe’s new artwork.

Fans were able to vote for their favorite Dead Ringer once per day from April 20 until May 1 and today Moe’s posted their Top 14 here: The winners are:

Carlo Riley – Denver, CO

John Schwartz – Ballston Lake, NY

Andie Kyle – New Albany, IN

Jake Hassler – Louisville, KY

Julie Ohnstad – Marietta, GA

Cody Southerland – Mission, KS

Kaitlin Draper – Centreville, VA

Anthony CeFala – New York, NY

Nick Milford – Glen Allen, VA

Chris Bates – Bloomington, IN

Chris Bosco – Hosoken, NJ

Ben Jensen – Atlanta, GA

Isaiah Johnson – Jackson, TN

Alex Smythe – Plantation, FL

Frank Rondell – Burlinton, Ontario

Phillip Rogers – Charleston, SC

“I’m excited to meet our winners in person and look forward to seeing Moe’s new artwork,” explains Joel Bulger, vice president of marketing for Moe’s. “As a result of the positive response from this contest, engaging our fans through interactive marketing will certainly be part of our marketing strategy in the future.”

Next, Moe’s will fly 14 of the winners to Atlanta and have their photo taken to possibly become the new artwork at Moe’s. The unveiling of the new artwork will take place at Moe’s locations this fall.


8 Responses

  1. Who is anthony cefala supposed to look like? Not one person at moe’s knows nor did they know it was a moes promotion. And you announce the winners but not who they look like

  2. I’m pretty sure Nick Milford is supposed to be Dan Aykroyd looking like Elvis… WECOME TO MOES!!!!!!!

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